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Core Barrel with Bullet Teeth

Application: For piling rigs for drilling in dense sand, gravel and rock 

Kelly sections: Kelly bar 2-5 sections 

Type: Interlocking/friction/combined kelly bar 

Size: Diameter range from 355mm-630mm 

Warranty: One year 

Suitable Rigs: Bauer, Soilmec, Liebherr and more...

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Type: Core barrel with bullet teeth

Raw Materials: Q355B High International Standard

Kelly Box:Kelly box 130mm, 150mm, 200mm (optional), Patented Design


Applicable Formation: Mainly used for coring, suitable for boulders, layers of gravel and cobbles.



Core barrel belongs to one kind of drilling tools, compared with rock drilling bucket, core barrel is used for coring through rock shelves, especially for strong rock up to 100MPA or rock with deep cracks. That’s to say, we usually use core barrel in very strong rock formations with compressive strength above 100Mpa.

Core barrel can be divided into four types: Core barrel with pin teeth for reinforced concrete; Core barrel with replaceable blocks for strong rock up to 100Mpa; Core barrel with bullet teeth for strong rock up to 100Mpa or rock with deep cracks.


Application:Used for rock coring, especially for strong rock up to 100Mpa or rock with deep cracks.



1-True factory, strong production capacity, factory price and timely delivery.

2-OEM available, professional R&D team.

3-Modern workshop, automated robot welding equipment

4-Top quality raw materials, high international standard steel plate

5-Cutting ring with staggered arrangement of round shank chisels. Chisel holders are welded to the base body. The round shank chisels or tungsten carbide bullet teeth can be easily replaced with using suitable tools.

6-Double cambered positioning cutting surface, professional experience in optimizing the angle of drilling teeth

7-Simple operation, high working efficiency, construction method technical guidance.


Model of drilling teeth for choose: Tungsten carbide pins or weld-on teeth, Round shank chisels (B47K20H, B47K19H, B47K17H, 3050,3060,3065, C30, C31HD, B85, B43H), AS weld-on blocks...


For other details contact JZTG freely.


Type Model Total& Length& (mm) Shell& Length
Shell& Thickness
Fixed& bottom& thickness
Rotating& Bottom& Thickness& (mm) Teetch& Qty Weight/kg
Core& Barrel& with& Bullet& Teeth DN600 1780 1200 16 40 50 6 480
DN700 1780 1200 16 40 50 6 560
DN800 1780 1200 20 40 50 9 730
DN900 1780 1200 20 40 50 9 820
DN1000 1780 1200 20 40 50 12 930
DN1100 1780 1200 20 40 50 12 1020
DN1200 1780 1200 20 40 50 15 1150
DN1300 1780 1200 20 40 50 15 1260
DN1400 1780 1200 20 40 50 18 1390
DN1500 1780 1200 20 40 50 18 1500
DN1600 1780 1200 20 40 50 21 1600
DN1800 1580 1000 20 40 50 24 1680
DN2000 1580 1000 25 40 50 27 1890
DN2200 1380 800 25 40 50 30 2170
DN2500 1380 800 25 40 50 33 2550
DN2800 1380 800 25 40 50 39 2950
DN3000 1380 800 25 40 50 42 3220

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